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My blog with hair inspiration. I post hair cuts aswell as hair styles and hair tutorials. I am happy to help if you have any questions. The pictures on this blog are not mine unless otherwise stated. I just share stuff I found all over the internet with you in one place and make my knowledge public

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ginaoppenau: i have curly hair and i am going to a party and don't know what to do with my hair! what do you think should i do with my hair?

Hello :)

I am not sure where you’re from, and how dressed up you are going to be at this party (in Germany for instance, the typical party includes putting on a nice top and straightening your hair, while in Ireland people would invest like 4 hours in hair and makeup in my personal experience)

You could always go ahead and straighten your hair, although I think curly hair is always a pretty sight at a party… At the top of my head I can think of three particular hairstyles.

A girl in my year had her hair in a deep side part the other day, and I really liked it, cause she had these really tight ringlet curls, so her hair was standing up really cute and sassy in a way. So a deep side part would be something I could picture someone with curly hair wearing to a party. For a side part, you should always imagine a straight line up from the arch of your eyebrow and that’s where your side part should begin.

Secondly, I think waterfall twists/braids look really good with curly hair, especially if you have more lose waves. I posted a tutorial a few days ago, and I sometimes wear my hair like this, and people compliment it a lot, because it looks like you made an effort, and everyone thinks it’s very hard to do.

Thirdly, braiding is your friend. Braiding the front section of your hair away is always an option, or you could go for a braided headband. You could obviously skip the parts where you curl your hair, but it gives you a good idea how your headband could look. By the way: holding up the upper layer of the side on which you secure the hair and securing it under the layer, will give it an “it just vanished” effect, while braiding it into the direction your actually want your hair to go will spare you of any weird root parts.

Regardless of what hairstyle you chose, I hope you have fun going out and enjoy yourself ;)

Prom styles for short hair

Today I was at the hairdresser’s. We talked about a lot of things, amongst them though my hairstyle for my graduation dance. In my school, it is a tradition that there’s only a dance for seniors, and us girls go to the hairdresser’s and get all dolled up and it’s our way to say goodbye to school because it’s happening after the graduation ceremony.

So here I was sitting, thinking I should do a prom special. As there are many different hair lengths, I decided to start with short hair and go from there.


Emma Watson presents what is probably the most logical approach to glamming up a pixie cut - just accessorize it. You can wear a pair of statement earrings, or even just a hairband. This comes in handy if you have really, really short hair.


Ginnifer Goodwin shows off a simple, yet elegant alternative. She sports a more messy yet elegant look. For this just part your hair in a deep side part and comb it into the other directon from there. Pick out random pieces and backcomb them.


Evan Rachel Wood has a similar approach as Ginnifer Goodwin. Her hair (or her bands) point into an unusual direction, which is something you should try. It is backcombed up and the rest of her hair is a tousled.


Marcel Waves are another good, and elegant look for people with rather short hair. Again, Ginnifer Goodwin has worn this look at a red carpet event, and I think it turned out really pretty.


Scarlett Johansson often chose this look for her hair when attending a red carpet event with her hair cut in a bob. This look is achieved by adding one curl to your hair roughly at the end of the upper quarter.


Charlize Theron (I really hope I spelled that correctly) pulls off one of my favourite looks for chin length hair: A curly do. Additionally you could always take front sections of your hair with this look and braid it to the back.


Reese Witherspoon turns to Old Hollywood and glams Charlize’s version up with some good vintage curls.


Meanwhile Brittany Snow is pictured with a much more casual version of the look -. she only curls the lower half of her hair.

I’m preparing to post information on everything hair for prom, the debs, formals and other events in the upcoming weeks
Things to consider when choosing a hairstyle for prom or any other formal event

I just went to my hair salon, and talked to my hair stylist about a few things - amongst them my hair for my graduation dance. The dance isn’t until June, and since my country has a chance of failing our version of the A-level, us girls wait until we passed to shop for dresses. That got me thinking about what exactly I’d have to do after picking the gown and it included hair. So here goes my list of things you have to consider when you’re picking a hair style:

  1. The dress.  My elaborate opening already hinted at it, but you really have to know what you wanna wear for the dance in order to find out a hairstyle. The neckline is an important factor when determening what you wanna do for the evening. Say you have a high neckline, with beautiful decorations. However you chose to go with your entire hair down, so now no one can see the ornaments.
  2. Your hair.
    • Sounds kinda silly to say it, but seriously you need to consider the length of your hair when you chose a hairstyle. If you have a pixie cut, and don’t want to wear extensions, you can’t opt for the long waves you might have set your eyes on. Vice versa, with really long hair, a short, edgy do mighn’t be in the stars.
    • The thickness of your hair is also a determining factor. Fine hair might be to slippery for some hairstyles, while thick hair is hard to tame.
    • The ability to adapt should also be taken into considerisation. I a previous post I mentioned hair that doesn’t curl. If you have hair that can’t hold a curl, some looks won’t work for you.
  3. Your comfort zone. Once upon a time when I was 14, we had dance classes. They were followed by a dance, and I got my hair done by a stylist. Unfortunately the stylist didn’t know that I felt really insecure about not having any hair covering my forehead. She pulled all the hair out of my face and the entire evening was kinda weird because of it. So make sure if you see a hairstyle, that it covers places you feel insecure about. Also think about the neckline of your dress again. If you wear your hair up and go strapless, you might feel too exposed.
  4. Level of activeness. Some people like to dance, others rather sit and then there’s the third group who do both. And this is something you should consider when you look for styles. I, for one, hate it when it’s warm and my hair is in my face or my neck. If you’re gonna dance a lot, you’ll sweat a lot, and your hair will stick to your skin if you don’t put it up. You will also have to look for looks that will resist the gravity.
  5. Facial shape. You’ll have to figure out what shape your face is, and avoid anything that will make it look weird.
  6. Be prepared. This applies going to the actual dance or formal event. Always have a backup plan. If you went for a half up half down, but then your curls fall out, you might want to train how to do a simple updo yourself. This means, always pack a few bobby pins, hair pins and hair bubbles along with hairspray to fix any smaller issues.
  7. Have fun.

If you are unsure about anything, it’s always best to ask your stylist for help, when you’re getting your hair done professionally. Otherwise, your friends or parents might be able to help, or you can simply shoot me a question.

Big news

I just filled my queue for the past 3 hours and the result is me being set for the next 2 months on here.

Also thanks to everyone who did not unfollow me (this is something I seem to say often by now), being a senior in high school is stressful.

I’m currently writing some stuff about hair and hair styling too, so stay tuned for that.